Checkmark on TikTok and how to get it?

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Checkmark on TikTok and how to get it? - 2021-09-08

The verified account symbol was invented in order to deal with an endlessly existing problem in our time - fakes of stars, famous stores.

Enemies used to often fool people by registering with a famous brand or person, and thereby bred them for money. Now a similar method of deception will not work anywhere, and the victims of the scam themselves have become more attentive and skeptical. But only ten years ago someone was ready to believe that Brad Pitt himself, speaking in Russian, could theoretically come to him in direct line ... A checkmark would add external solidity to any blogger. For some, this mark is incorrectly considered a sign of quality, which is why they are more active in acquiring ads from similar profiles. But no, in fact, a tick only means that you are quite famous in your circles. It is allowed to purchase it already with 20k subscribers.

How do you get it?

As in most applications, a tick in TikTok is issued in two ways:

Others need to write a letter to this mail: [email protected]

- the reasons why you think you need a check mark.

The answer should come within 1-3 days.

Of course, your account must be active, and your content must be original.

A checkmark is a completely optional attribute, which is why you should not be upset if you were refused to receive it.

But if there is an opportunity, then it is worth trying to send an application, as it will be a nice bonus for your promotion.

After account verification. In the first case, we are talking about big bloggers, musicians and other figures who acquire their official account on the social network.

The letter must be written in English. Be sure to specify the following data:

- link to your account;

- number of subscribers;

- link to accounts on other social networks and the number of subscribers to them;

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