Actual ways to monetize Tik Tok

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Actual ways to monetize Tik Tok - 2021-09-08

Tik Tok is a popular, fast-growing social network that specializes in short videos. there is a huge mass of different content: sketches, dances, tutorials and sports tricks. however, just like teenagers, in TikTok, you can simply monetize a promoted account. The main thing is to know how to do it and understand all the nuances.

In this article, we will look at the effective ways to make a profit at TikTok. In addition, you will receive tips that will help you significantly increase your earnings.

How to make money at Tik Tok

Before proceeding specifically to an overview of the current monetization methods, we note: first, you need to gain at least 5-10 thousand subscribers. It is desirable that these be users interested in you and your content, since most of the options for generating income at TikTok involve a high level of audience engagement.

PR of other bloggers

This is one of the easiest ways to monetize a well-known TikTok account. Newbie bloggers themselves often offer cooperation of this kind to popular influencers who are suitable for them on the topic. To attract the largest number of customers and, accordingly, increase income, you can register on the TikTopers advertising exchange and other platforms. But remember: advertising must not be abused, otherwise you will have a lot of unsubscriptions. the allowed limit is seven promotional videos per month.

Well-known PR formats:

  1. Duets and reactions.
  2. Shooting a joint video in real time.
  3. A note in the clip description or channel header.
  4. The role of a guest star on a live broadcast.
  5. Activity in the Tiktoker promotion (drawing, offline event).

Advertising of extraneous goods / services

First of all, we are talking about cooperation with brands. To receive tempting offers, the best bloggers with high subscriber activity just need to indicate under the video "To order advertising, write to Direct." other content authors need to make more efforts: to offer their services on thematic forums, in the publics of other social networks and on advertising exchanges.

TOP-3 paid partnership schemes in TikTok:

1. Third party affiliate programs.

After registering on a suitable service, you can conduct advertising campaigns for clients on TikTok. For example, promote cosmetics on a beauty blog or advertise gadgets on a channel dedicated to innovative technologies. Referral links can be placed in the account header, in the description under the video, and in addition sent via private messages. For each customer attracted in this way, you will receive a certain percentage.

2. Direct advertising of services or goods.

A similar type of ad content is usually all about a specific product. This can be an overview of new products in the store, unpacking a parcel with a product, demonstration before / after using the product. try not to make ads annoying and give the target audience maximum useful information.

3. Native advertising.

High-quality product placement implies the organic integration of the product into informational or entertainment content. similar videos do not irritate viewers, which has a positive effect on both target audience activity and sales. in addition to hidden advertising, you can earn on copyright viral videos with brand sponsorship and support brand challenges.

Redirecting traffic to other platforms

forwarding traffic to other platforms Due to the specificity of the ranking algorithms, it is much easier to promote an account on TikTok than in other social networks: the platform displays even the content of novice authors in the "Recommendations", where videos gain spacious coverage. This can be used and redirected to the target audience on Instagram - there are more formats and tools for building an effective sales funnel.

To get started, prepare your Instagram profile for the influx of traffic: analyze the design of the page, if necessary, make adjustments to the current stories, place first-class content with viral potential in the feed.

The next step is to add the Instagram button to the TikTok header (for this, simply link the pages in the settings). Ideally, both accounts should have a single nickname and avatar - so it will be easier for interested users to identify you on all social networks.

Motivate subscribers to switch to another platform with a free intensive, a thematic marathon, discounts on advertised products and other bonuses.

Live earnings

As soon as you get more than one thousand subscribers on TikTok, you can conduct live broadcasts. This is a great way to attract new viewers and increase loyalty, involvement of the existing audience, as well as a working option for monetization on the site.

The simplest and most obvious method of making money on live broadcasts is to receive donations from grateful viewers for valuable content. The system will convert the gifts sent by them into diamonds and add them to your balance: one hundred Tik Tok coins cost about a dollar. Is it possible to get a really impressive amount by this method? The best bloggers with a loyal target audience do not find it difficult to do this, for example, gamer Meng Lei earned about 167 thousand dollars on donations for one video game stream.

What can be done to increase income on donations? Offer your subscribers really worthy content first. You can go live at any popular event, imagine the backstage of a party, hold a prize draw among subscribers, respond to questions from the audience. other options: a master class and a helpful interview with an expert.

Be sure to thank the viewers for donations, you can subscribe to the accounts of your most active fans and say hello to them during the live broadcast. This will increase the involvement of the target audience.


There are many effective methods of monetization in TikTok. We advise you to test various earning schemes in order to find the best option. And remember: you can always switch traffic to another social network, if there are more prospects for you.

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